**The products for USA are available but are sold via Syba Systems in Connecticut through their webshop: https://www.fuelminder.biz/mazoutman/mazoutman.html **

You have found the oil meter for your oil burner.
Named MAZOUTMAN for metric units and Mr. Oil Meter for the USA.

Monitor your oil consumption and remaining oil quantity very precisely. No more messing with the dipstick!
With MAZOUTMAN WiFi / Mr. Oil Meter WiFi you can even access your meter readings on pc, tablet or smartphone over the internet.

How much oil was burnt yesterday or last week, last month, last year...? You will see this on your personal mazoutman-account.
Interesting if you have a (vacation) house for rent and want to bill the oil separately.
Our meter is also often installed in businesses where heating oil is part of the cost structure. Like in B&B's, offices, restaurants, schools, homes for elderly, churches...
If you want to get an idea about the look and feel, please login to our demo installation www.mazoutman.com/login. Input demo as username and demo1 as password.

The installation is very easy. It works with all brands of burners. All you need to do, is tape the sensor to the magnetic valve and input a few parameters on the device. 

In the first video below, you'll see how MAZOUTMAN / Mr. Oil Meter works and how to install it. 
The second video below shows how you connect it to your WiFi network and how to consult the meter readings.
The third video shows how to watch the meter readings on your Android smartphone or iPhone.