What are the benefits of MAZOUTMAN / MR. OIL METER?
-Much easier to install than other systems.
-Very precise consumption measurement.
-No more messing with the dipstick.
-You will learn about the details of your oil consumption, which will help you to save on your oil bill.
-Consult your meter details from any pc, laptop, smartphone.

Why should I install MAZOUTMAN / MR. OIL METER and not another system?
-Much easier to install than other systems. All you need to do is tape a sensor to the magnetic valve.
-So no drilling, no plumbing, no electrical connections to make. Tape, plug, play.
-Monitor your oil consumption on pc, laptop, smartphone (only WiFi-version).

Will MAZOUTMAN / MR. OIL METER work with my oil burner?
If your burner has a magnetic valve and/or electric motor for the oil pump, it will work.

I need to input the fixed oil flow rate. Where do I find this?
You can look it up in our manual. You'll need to know the nozzle size and pump pressure. You should find this on your maintenance report. If not, you can ask your maintenance technician.

Will MAZOUTMAN / MR. OIL METER raise my electricity bill?
It comes with a 5 Volts power adapter. With the backlight fully lit, it consumes 0.12 Amps. With the backlight switched off only 0.02 Amps. So in a year it will consume less than 2 kWh of electricty or about 50 cents.

If I unplug MAZOUTMAN / MR. OIL METER from the wall socket, will the data be lost?
No, after each operating hour, the data are saved. If you plug it in again, it starts up with these saved data.